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In a world where the lack of vital minimum means for survival is weakening and destroying many lives, constituting a permanent challenge for human dignity, FAPI works to mobilize and empower the people of the world and the family in particular, mother cell of our society, in the fight against poverty by empowering them with assets, skills, education, confidence and freedom necessary to achieve this goal. FAPI also endeavors in mobilizing maximum resources to finance its strategic projects for development, in solidarity with the people of the world.

Poverty needs urgent intervention. Poverty can be beaten and in short time.

Through our program UBUNTU 2035, the people of the world are joining hands to contribute to the fight against poverty.

Some are helping raise funds, taking at the same time advantage of our incredible income opportunity; others are donating money or supporting the organization through a membership, and others are volunteering.

You too could make a difference by taking today the necessary steps for joining the FAPI World of the Golden Generation.

Families or individuals in need, can apply to be considered for our finance program for getting themselves out of poverty with a powerful programme carefully designed for them.






In the context of our program for poverty reduction UBUNTU 2035, we have created in our fundraising department an opportunity for a limited number of people per country to work as Independent Promoters and earn a lifetime monthly income helping mobilize people and resources around a program of hope.

Become a FAPI Fundraiser Member (FFM) and earn a lifetime monthly income helping mobilize people and resources around UBUNTU 2035 program to empower millions of poor families and people around the world.

We believe that the project has been at the origin of the distribution of monthly payments in social grants to poor families in South Africa after it was sent to President Mbeki's office, advocating for cash to be given to poor people who found themselves disposessed of land that was sustaining millions of families or put out of jobs because replaced by a few machines without any compensation or equitable redistribution of the country resources being done.

Today FAPI is avocating for a salary for all and it is being proven right. With the fifth generation of machines, it has become more and more evident that we are now deep in the jobless environment where our job will become to study as much as possible in order to create better machines, better environment, and we will be paid for that. It is decades back that we ought to have had the salary policy in place already and to not even talk about it today is a true crime against millions of families that are jobless and have to go through all kind of humiliations daily and even brake the law to put a piece of bread on the table.















FAPI main project UBUNTU 2025 is powerful short-term poverty reduction program. It is a real demonstration that people are the achievers of true development and need to be given the central role that is theirs in the development projects we design and implement as true creators of wealth.


UBUNTU 2025 s core program is an asset-building program, which seek to provide finance for strategic activities in the field to poor families and individuals around the world. It is around this foundation that are playing other important strategic projects that FAPI is advocating for or has some in place to contribute towards the fight against poverty and underlying causes of poverty .  These strategic projects are:


  • Projects for access to education and healthcare for many through cheaper quality services, more schools and more healthcare centers;

  • Salary for everyone at the working age, We should ban the words Social grant for Salary rather,
     which is a compensation for work taken by machines in this era of artificial intelligence, as
    resources are redistributed among all;

  • Projects for free access to nutrition and healthcare in schools;

  • Projects for access to training, tools and machinery for small farmers through our Machine Tractor Stations;

  • Projects for the creation of free higher distance education institutions because we can and are now long overdue;

  • Projects for the protection of the environment, the uplifting of women status as well as income, the promotion of human rights, democratic values and the equitable distribution of national resources among citizens.




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